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I’ve been searching for a supplement company that I can get behind their products and mission, for quite some time. I finally found, tested, and approved Inspired Nutra and am so proud to be part of this team. They have a wide variety of products and a great team of people behind them. Use my sponsored link as well as my discount code leahloves, to help support me as well as save some money. -




I have been apart of the FiTAID family since February 2015. I am blessed to be with them and have always loved everything the company is and stands for.

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Since working with Herb Strong, I have gotten tons of questions about the benefits of CBD and Hemp products.

Some of the immediate benefits are pain relief, reduction of anxiety, and promotes healthy sleep. There are plenty additional benefits that you can find through a simple google search.

I chose to work with Herb Strong because of their natural and local sourcing based out of California, USA. You can get a small discount with the code: leahloves and I get a small commission if you use my affiliate link:



Subscription box

I can’t say enough about GainzBox. It’s a fitness based subscription box, mailed out monthly, full of goodies from different companies in this industry.

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Savage Barbell has slowly turned into my absolute favorite clothes to wear! Their quality is hard to beat. Styles for both men and women, and plenty to fit all preferences in design and color.

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skin care

TULA - a common day miracle product. I’ve been using Tula skin care since August 2018 and I will never go back. Made with probiotics and gentle formulas, it’s perfect for any skin type. I have never seen such a difference in my skin as when I use these products.

They have a skin quiz you can take on their website to let you know what will work best for you. My favorites are the cleanser, moisturizer, aqua gel infusion, and the eye balm. leahloves will save you 20% on all products —


Being active and trying to stay fashionable at the same time has become easier with wearing Freestyle Watches. I love the designs! They come in fun, activewear styles, as well as a nicer, sleek look.

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I have been apart of Savage Swim since 2014 (wow!) and absolutely love and adore this company! The owner is a single mom, employs bada** women who make everything by hand, and uses recycled materials. Amazing. Everything is customizable which makes this company so unique. Save a little bit of money on your order with my noncommissioned code, leahloves. -